Milk Thistle
(Silybum marianum)   
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Take 1 tablespoon 15ml three times daily after meals.
One bottle contains 330ml
1 tablespoon contains:
Solid extract of milk thistle (Mariendistel). A non-medicinal base of:
Sea buckthorn berry pulp
Fructose, Potassium Sorbate, Vitamin C.

Common names: St. Mary’s thistle, Marythistle, Holy thistle, Marian thistle

Botanical names: Silybum marianum, Carduus marianus

Milk thistle is a source of silymarin, a flavonoid that is known for its antioxidant properties.

Milk Thistle had been used all over Europe for the last 2000 years, for liver and spleen complains - liver tonic, as well as the name indicates; it promotes milk secretion and is perfectly safe to be used by breast feeding mothers.
The herb is well known and used in Europe and Asia for its protective and regenerating the liver - properties.
Milk thistle is strong detoxifier of liver cells.
There are indications that herb may be able to ease the pain, cleanse and regenerate liver damaged by alcohol abuse - but a person needs to stop drinking alcohol.
Nicholas Culpeper, (pharmacist of 17th-century) advised to use it for treatment of jaundice, as a cleanser of spleen and liver.
Milk Thistle has been used to ease:
congested liver, liver cirrhosis, gallstones, hepatitis, alcohol-related damages, etc (for more info about alcoholism and how to treat it click here)

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