(Cyclanthera pedata (L) Schrad)

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Herb from PERU 
100% PURE - no addictives, preservatives, enhancers, etc

Take 2 capsules 3 x day between meals,
the best way is to open the capsule and put the contents into a bit of water, mix and drink

Caihua powder
- take 1/2 teaspoon with water 3 x day on empty stomach.


BOTANICAL NAME: Cyclanthera pedata (L) Schrad.
COMMON NAME: Caigua or Caihua.
Caihua is derived from Perú and belongs  to the Cucurbitaceas family, whose fruit is edible.

(Cyclanthera pedata) L. Schrad.: Curcubitaceae. ”Caigua”, "Wild cucumber". Cultivated. Fruit edible. It has various medicinal usages. The tea of the seeds is well known for controlling high blood pressure. 

De Feo suggests that the decoction of the epicarps is also anti-diabetic.

Caihua has been used by Peruvians for generations, for its cholesterol reducing and fat absorbing properties.
It has been said that Caihua is the most natural and the most potent fat absorbent available therefore it is highly recommended as significant contributor in any weight loss program, it also stimulates well metabolism.

The Caihua reduces blood cholesterol levels, specially light cholesterol (LDL) that is accumulated in arteries as lipoprotein components which are determinative agents on arteriosclerosis processes;  it prevents the cardiac and coronary diseases. 
Caihua taken together with 


The fruit composition is:
-         Moisture: 93.35%
-         Protein :     0.50%
-         Fat:            0.20%
-         Fibre:         1.60%
-         Ashes:       1.00%
-         Nifex:        3.35%.
-         Hypoglicemic effect .
-         Hipotensive effect.
-         Lipotropic effect.
-      Cholesterol
-      Obesity.
PRESENTATION:-  Caihua powder, extract capsules. 
USES: It is usually eaten as vegetable in salads, in case of disease or/and obesity it can be eaten as juice extract in fast.
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