(Geranium delsianum )

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Pasuchaca/Geranium delsianum  

Hypoglycemic action upon several kind of diabetes reducing glucose level and performing protective/curative effect - it enhances the pancreatic function. It has also been considered very strong astringent; it has been used to fight chronic diarrheas, cholera, hemorrhages, throat and mouth inflammations and ulcer.
In homeopathic medicine it is recommended, besides the mentioned cases, for blennorrhagia, hemoptysis, menorrhagia, breast ulcer, stomach atony and laryngitis.

In case of diabetes it is recommended to take Pasuchaca for two weeks 3 times per day 1 glass of tea or 2 capsules (between meals); for the next two weeks to take Cuti Cuti 3 times per day 1 glass of tea or 2 capsules, then switch to Pasuchaca again (two weeks one herb, next two weeks another herb).  
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